St. Luke’s Vestry


The Vestry is the lay governing board of the church and is responsible for church finances, building and grounds issues and many administrative aspects of the parish. The Vestry of St. Luke’s consists of nine active members who each are involved in an aspect of parish oversight.

David Yanik

David has been a member of St. Luke’s since 2012.  He and his wife Debby have five sons and two grandsons.  From the beginning David has felt welcomed and supported by our wonderful rector and congregation. He deeply appreciates our small community, and worshipping in a beautiful, historic space.  Involvement with the vestry has allowed David to deepen his involvement and stewardship by contributing to the care of this worship space and grounds.

Janice Priest

Janice is a native of Asheville and a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill Pharmacy School, where she and her husband David met and were married 57 years ago. The Priests have three children and six grandchildren. After many years in Richmond, Virginia, Janice and her husband retired in 1996 and returned to their current residence in East Asheville.

Ginny Hunneke

Ginny and her son Morgan have been members of St. Luke’s since 1999 when they moved here from Winston-Salem. Ginny grew up in St. Michaels, Maryland but remained in North Carolina after graduating from Wake Forest University in 1986. Ginny credits the loving nature of our St. Luke’s family for helping her to define her path in assisting people to invite and experience more joy in their lives.

 Anne Ogg

Anne is a cradle Episcopalian, baptized at All Saints by the Sea in Southport Island, Maine. She has fond memories of attending St. Philips in Wiscasset as a child. Her family were founding members of St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Windham, Maine, which started in her home. While visiting Asheville on business in 1987, she attended St. Luke’s as the guest of Vic Trantham. When she and her husband, Fred Perry, relocated to Asheville, it seemed natural to return to St. Luke’s, a warm and inviting small church. Anne and Fred have a daughter, Maria, who was baptized at St. Luke’s in 1999. Anne has always loved and found comfort in the ritual and music of the Episcopal Church.

Nancy Davis

Nancy a cradle Episcopalian and has been a member at St. Luke’s for almost 60 years.  She has two children, a set of twins – Sean and Stephanie, who were raised at St. Luke’s. Nancy considers St. Luke’s to be a dear and loving family.  She has a deep love for Haiti and its people, especially the children.  She helped start a non-profit there to bring medical help to malnourished children in the Montrouis Zone.  She has worked in Youth Ministry for over 20 years and is a part of the Diocesan Youth Council. Nancy loves working with High School students.  Nancy also served on Executive Council for the Diocese and on Camp Henry Board for several years.  She loves the Episcopal Church in Western North Carolina.

Gregory Leddy

Gregory was received into the Episcopal Church in 2009, after being warmly welcomed into the St. Luke’s family in 2008, when he moved to Asheville from Miami. Ever since joining St. Luke’s, he has grown in faith and spirituality, finding in this intimate and sacred setting a special place where he and his wife Blair can worship and share with others. Since 2013, Gregory has served as a member of the Vestry, which has given him the opportunity of taking on special projects, such as helping to expand the Parish House so that it can better meet the congregation’s needs in carrying out St. Luke’s mission to love and serve God “with gladness and singleness of heart.”

John Parker

John is a native of Washington, D.C., where some of his earliest recollections are walking to the National Cathedral on Sunday mornings. He is married to Sallie Middleton, who while growing up spent summer vacations in Chunns Cove and attended St. Luke’s with her family. John and Sallie joined St. Luke’s in 2012 and love being a part of the St. Luke’s family. John’s involvement with the Vestry has widened his understanding and appreciation of what goes on in our church community, and he continues to fell privileged to be a small part of it all.

DJ Halpeny

DJ Halpeny and her husband Owen have been members of St Luke’s since 2004.  They discovered the ”little country church” by accident and have been sincere, contributing members since that time. DJ has served on the altar guild, the landscape committee, Chairman of the Pastoral Care Committee for the past five years.  DJ has a bachelors degree in Nursing and Business.  Retired from the business world, DJ anticipates many more years of serving the Lord and sharing in the community of St Luke’s.

Jan Trantham

Jan and her late husband Vic were strongly recruited into St. Luke’s by Fr. Pete DeSaix!  They began attending a few months before the birth of their daughter Lauren in 1981 and, as everyone else does, fell in love with the church and the people.  The Trantham’s two children were baptized and confirmed at St. Luke’s.  Jan has served on the Vestry several times, and though she finds it time consuming she believes it worth the effort as the growth and rewards far exceed anything she has ever contributed.  Her house is in Haw Creek but her home is at St. Luke’s.  She feels that we are all so very fortunate to have the community, fellowship, worship, support and love that welcomes all to our special little church.