St. Luke’s Scholarship

The Outreach Committee of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has established a permanent scholarship fund to aid and assist people who desire to continue their education but who cannot because of their economic situation. The scholarship is for those wanting to pursue an undergraduate degree or certification in a designated curriculum of no less than two semesters. Available to any resident of Buncombe County who has been accepted by a post-secondary institution accredited by the United States Department of Education, the scholarship is intended for both high-school seniors and adults wishing to seek a degree. 

Here is the Link to application packet.


Each individual stipend will be up to the amount of $1000 per year and will be paid to the chosen school. Schools will have an agreement to return the full or prorated amount of the award should the student fail to complete the year of study for which the stipend was awarded. 


The Scholarship Subcommittee reserves the right to expect and insist upon regular attendance at classes, consistent with the rules and requirements of the chosen school, maintain a grade point average of 2.75 and not be on disciplinary or academic probation. Renewal of the scholarship will be offered after confirmation of these criteria by both an academic advisor and faculty member. 


To apply, students must submit this application with required attachments to the scholarship email at by 11:59 PM June 10, 2020 (see application checklist) or in print to 219 Chunns Cove Road, Asheville, NC 28805. The application is available as a PDF file on the webpage in order to expedite the application process. When submitting the multiple attachments each file name should begin with the applicants’ last name followed by the last 3 digits of the social security number and the title of the document.

For example, Bob Jones with the last 3 social security digits of 123 would submit the following files:

Jones123application (this includes p.3,4,5,6 of this file)
Jones123acadmicinformationform (p. 7 of this file, scanned with official signature)
Jones123essay (p. 8 of this file or a separate electronic form)
Jones123references (p. 9 of this file)
Jones123parenttax2011 (scanned)
Jones123parenttax2012 (scanned)
Jones123studenttax2011 (scanned)
Jones123studenttax2012 (scanned)
Jones123transcript (scanned or in electronic form)
Jones123officialtestscores (scanned or in electronic form)

Students must notify the Scholarship Committee of the receipt of any other educational grants or scholarship assistance as soon as the student receives notification of those awards.

Scholarship recipients will be selected on an objective basis using academic criteria. Financial need and motivation will be determined by the committee using information from this application, therefore applications without complete Federal and NC State tax forms for both 2018 and 2019 will not be considered.

A personal interview may be required. 


Scholarship recipients and their schools will be notified in June. 


Payment of the scholarship awards will be made at the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of each semester. Checks will be made payable to the school for the student’s account and will be forwarded to the financial aid office. Remaining balances will be returned to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Scholarship Committee. 


Although there will not be a formal request for repayment of the scholarship funds, each recipient will be asked to consider a donation to the fund when he/she has become gainfully employed.

For questions about the application documents or the application process, please email