St. Luke’s Campus


The buildings and facilities of the St. Luke’s campus reflect our origins as a country church.

Our church was built in 1894; we still worship in the original building. We can seat about 60 people comfortably. Parishioners describe the interior of the church as being “soaked in prayer.”

Kimball Hall is our parish hall located in the basement of the parish house. Kimball Hall hosts many a group gathering for up to 49 people but primarily is home to several recovery group meetings, including one of the longest running meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in Asheville.

The labyrinth was built in 2013 by parishioners. Following a simple Creten design it is a classic meditation tool. The labyrinth is available during the day for silent meditation.

The gazebo hosts many a picnic, worship service, neighborhood gathering and quiet discussion during the year. It provides a bit of shelter as one enjoys the beauty of the outdoors.

The graveyard and the Garden of the Resurrection are places of Christian burial for saints of St. Luke’s. Both are places of beauty, history and spiritual grounding.

Ross Creek runs along the edge of the church’s field. Since 2008 volunteers from the church and community groups have been working to remove foreign invasives without the use of herbicides. Recently RiverLink completed a rainwater garden to assist with removing pollutants from local runoff. Neighbors often play with their dogs or stroll along the creek, listening to the soothing sounds of living water.

The buildings and grounds of St. Luke’s are tended by dedicated parishioners. We hope our buildings and our grounds invite people to encounter God both inside and out.