Celebrations at St. Luke’s are always festive and well-attended, thanks to a dedicated group of FelloStLukes41wship Committee members who work hard at making each event special. Our devoted congregation sees St. Luke’s as “home” and does not want to miss being with its church family for feast days and gatherings.  Easter, Pentecost and St. Luke’s Day
are just a few examples of celebrations with potlucks and games for our children.  In 2014, we had a Low Country Boil for the first time, and it was a huge success! Other Fellowship events include All Saints’ Day, a lovely house Christmas party, celebrations of baptisms, and the welcoming of our Bishop every other year. A “Culture Club” meets regularly to attend plays and other cultural events; a “Riding Club” meets once a month to horseback ride at Hickory Nut Gap Farm.


All are welcome to join us for coffee hour every Sunday after the 10:30 service.