The Labyrinth

The labyrinth, a tool for spiritual growth, is located in the field of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, tucked behind the gazebo. The labyrinth is open to the public year-round. This is a unicursal path – one way in, one way out – not to be confused with a maze.

One of the oldest patterns known is the Classical or Cretan Labyrinth, a 7-circuit design. You are invited to walk this path to meditate, seek spiritual guidance, find stillness in your mind and heart, cultivate conscious contact with the Divine, or develop balance in your life. While there is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, please respect the need for silence and serenity while it is in use.

Here are some suggestions that might help to enrich your experience: 


Breathe deeply and relax at the entrance. Reflect on your intention and your desire to connect with your spirit.

The Journey In-

Recite a prayer or mantra. Release your concerns and open your heart.

The Center-

Shift your awareness to receive what this moment offers.

The Journey Out-

Empty your mind and listen for Divine guidance.


Offer gratitude for this opportunity and for the gifts of insight that perhaps you received. Find a quiet place and take time to reflect on the experience.